Fresh Lettuce

Fresh weekly in our own Local Grow Houses. We offer several varieties of Lettuce, Butter and Leaf Mixed Greens. Enjoy them on their own or make it into a sandwich.

Vegan Friendly Options

All of our menu items are available as vegan options. Our vegetarian and vegan friendly salads can be customized to suit your taste. If it's not already on our menu, just ask for it and we'll make it.

Lighter Side and Appetizers

Our Lettuce can serve as an appetizer for the table or a light lunch for one or two to share. Gourmet veggies are combined to tease the taste buds and tantalize the tongue.

Local Farm Fresh Produce

Selected each day our locally grown produce can be found at your farmers markets and CSA, we use only our fresh organic grown produce and vegetables are crisp and juicy.

Our Food